Android Tools


DDMS is the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server that ships with Android. It provides a wide array of debugging features including:

  • port-forwarding services
  • screen capture
  • thread and heap information (Take heap memory dump in hprof file )
  • network traffic tracking
  • incoming call and SMS spoofing
  • simulating network state, speed, and latency
  • location data spoofing

2) Eclipse Memory Analyzer

To analyze the heap memory dump in the hprof file.

3) Hierarchy Viewer

Hierarchy Viewer to view the time taken to draw the individual parts of the layout (it gives measure, layout and draw time of layouts).

We can use it to find the parts of layout which are taking long time to draw and which can be further optimized.
There is also a color code along side the time which tells us whether if time is optimal or not.

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